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Wonderful Holiday Destinations specialises in Zanzibar Holiday Tours and Safaris is a well established tourism company situated in the heart of Stone Town. We specialise in creating adventures and experiences that will have you leaving with unforgettable memories.

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"Traveling to Zanzibar was so wonderful. My husband traveled to Zanzibar and it was amazing. The local people are so wonderful and the beaches are nice and peaceful. The tours and safaris were good value for money and well organised. We really enjoyed our trip and we will keep coming back.

Mary, Uganda

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Zanzibar is a popular safari and beach destination in Africa. Because of the short and inexpensive flights, visiting the Seychelles, Maldives, or Mauritius is a breeze. Zanzibar Holidays Ceres has everything a luxury beach vacationer could want for a fraction of the price.

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While backpackers flock to Zanzibar for the low-cost hostels, luxury travelers can find their own private oasis at the best self-contained boutique hotels. In true Zanzibar fashion, every visitor is catered for, with a wide range of hotel sizes, prices, and styles.

Zanzibar, located on Tanzania’s East Coast, has a number of hotel options as well as beautiful beaches. It is beautiful in every way, from the pristine beaches and boutique hotels to the friendly locals and the hustle and bustle of the town. Although most visitors prefer to relax in their hotels or dive into the Indian Ocean, this is more than just a beach. Zanzibar’s vibrant culture, history, and indescribable atmosphere draw visitors year after year.

Though Zanzibar is the main draw, other parts of the archipelago are also worth seeing if you have the time.

Pemba offers a once-in-a-lifetime chance to live in a natural setting. The Indian Ocean offers a variety of activities, including fantastic diving; however, the beaches on Zanzibar’s north and east coasts are less appealing. Zanzibar, on the other hand, is well-known for providing a one-of-a-kind, off-the-beaten-path experience.

Zanzibar Holidays Ceres is also known for its beautiful drives. It is best known for being the home of the world’s largest fish, the whale shark. Because of the possibility of snorkeling with these incredible whales, Zanzibar is a popular destination for underwater explorers. Because the beaches aren’t spectacular, like those in Pemba, this is a destination for those seeking adventure rather than sun, sand, and relaxation.

The most luxurious beach experience in the Indian Ocean can be found just off the coast of Zanzibar on the luxurious and exclusive Mnemba Private. Visitors have exclusive access to the best of the archipelago’s bright white beaches because the island has only one lodge. Rather than a luxurious five-star hotel experience, it is an elegant beach lodge for those who appreciate luxury at its most personalized and authentic level.

Two of the best reasons to visit are Zanzibar’s history and the traditional shows

In Zanzibar, dhows sail

Zanzibar has a tumultuous history. It was once the largest slave market in East Africa and a popular rest stop for voyaging traders. Because of its aromatic spice offerings, it was dubbed “The Spice,” and it was also a major player in the ivory trade. Zanzibar has been influenced by a wide range of people, including the British, Arabs, Portuguese, Indians, Persians, and Africans, all of whom have left their mark. Travel on a traditional wooden dhow, a relic from the region’s trading history that is still used for transportation and fishing today.

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Zanzibar residents are well-known for their friendliness and willingness to help visitors. Outside of Zanzibar’s hustle and bustle, there is a vibe and a slower pace of life, and travel is relatively safe.

Zanzibar’s major festivals include Sauti za Busara (an annual African music festival held in February), Jahazi (a jazz and literary festival held in September), and Mwaka Kogwa (a four-day festival held in July to mark Nairuzim – the Shirazi New Year). Participants come from all over Africa, and they represent a wide range of races, ages, and backgrounds. The most important cultural event in June and July is the Zanzibar International Film Festival. The festival features films, music, and performances from various races, ethnic groups, and religions, attracting a diverse audience.

It is inexpensive and simple to find.

Zanzibar has something for everyone, from one-of-a-kind five-star experiences to family-friendly prices. Zanzibar has something to suit every taste and budget, whether it’s ultimate luxury or a laid-back beach shack. It is simple and convenient to travel around Zanzibar on your own, allowing you to explore at your leisure. You can also look for high-quality and reasonably priced Zanzibar vacation packages on the internet.

Suggestions for a Zanzibar Vacation

The following signs and symptoms distinguish Yellow Fever: Visitors to Zanzibar must have a valid yellow fever certificate obtained at least ten days in advance.

Visitors should take all necessary precautions to avoid contracting malaria due to Zanzibar’s location in the malarial belt.

April should be avoided because it has the most rain and, surprisingly, the most rainy days of the year.

Tourists, particularly women, should conduct themselves and dress in a manner that respects local sensibilities and customs. Please obtain permission from Zanzibar residents before photographing them.

Consult your travel agent for recommendations. If you can’t find the information in Zanzibar, use Zanzibar Holidays Ceres ‘Where to Go’ feature.