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Wonderful Holiday Destinations specialises in Zanzibar Holiday Tours and Safaris is a well established tourism company situated in the heart of Stone Town. We specialise in creating adventures and experiences that will have you leaving with unforgettable memories.

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"Traveling to Zanzibar was so wonderful. My husband traveled to Zanzibar and it was amazing. The local people are so wonderful and the beaches are nice and peaceful. The tours and safaris were good value for money and well organised. We really enjoyed our trip and we will keep coming back.

Mary, Uganda

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When Should You Visit Zanzibar?

From June to October, when the weather is cool and dry, is the best time to visit Zanzibar’s best beaches. Another popular time to visit Zanzibar is between December and February, when the weather is hot and dry. The advantage of visiting Zanzibar beaches during the off-season is that they are almost always open.With our affordable Zanzibar Holidays Darling packages, you too can relax on the most beautiful beach in Africa.

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Is It Dangerous To Swim In Zanzibar?

Swimming in Zanzibar is completely safe. The Indian Ocean is a warm, tidal, waveless ocean. In Zanzibar, scuba diving and snorkeling are popular activities.

Zanzibar Has Snorkeling Opportunities

You are able to swim in many of Zanzibar’s beaches, though the weather varies depending on the season. Depending on the tides, seaweed can be found in the water, particularly along the East Coast. Sea urchins can be found even in the shallows (at low tide). Wear diving boots to protect your feet and walk with caution.

Can You See Sharks In Zanzibar?

Zanzibar is home to some harmless coral sharks. There is also Mafia Island, where you can go shark diving. Sharks are not endangered, and swimming and diving with them is entirely safe . Finally, despite reports of great white shark sightings in deep waters, no shark attacks have been reported.

Is Walking Around Zanzibar At Night Safe?

To be on the safe side, the answer is emphatically no. Muggings and robberies occur, especially late at night in dark alleyways. As a result, avoid going out  alone late at night.

Use only licensed taxis or those recommended by locals and friends you can trust. Alternatively, certain hotels and restaurants can arrange for your walk to be escorted.

Zanzibar Is A Secure Location

The laws are the same as in other major cities around the world. Keep your valuables close at hand and avoid wearing flashy jewelry. Keep your wits and never disclose your address to anyone. You should feel safe wandering around on your own during the day, but be cautious.

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One Of The Best Reasons To Visit Zanzibar Is The World-Class Diving (a water lover’s paradise)

Zanzibar Holidays Darling has some of the world’s most beautiful diving sites and warmest waters. It is  no surprise that divers and snorkelers flock here. Reef diving can be done from either the beach or a boat. One of the most popular Zanzibar vacation activities is island hopping diving!

Zanzibar offers deep-sea fishing and scuba diving, as well as traditional dhow sailing and kayaking. Try windsurfing, water skiing, kiteboarding, or hopping diving while snorkeling and swimming among the coral.

The Jozani Private Game Reserve Is A Tanzanian Forest Reserve

The Game Reserve, which is home to the endangered Red Colobus Monkeys, one of Africa’s rarest primates, is another compelling reason to visit Zanzibar. These monkeys are native to the area and have been steadily recovering from extinction thanks to conservation efforts. The mature forests of Jozani form part of the Island’s only National Park, which is home to hundreds of butterflies, birds, and other fascinating plants and animals.

The Zanzibar Museum (one kilometer from Jozani Private Game Reserve) is a community environmental project that has taught residents how to farm butterflies in an environmentally friendly manner. By operating one of Africa’s largest butterfly sanctuaries and exporting butterfly pupae, the project aims to generate income for locals while also conserving the local forest. Visitors will be led by one of the knowledgeable guides through the lush, netted gardens, where hundreds of butterflies, many of which are native to Zanzibar, fly freely.

Why Visit Zanzibar For A Beach, Marine, Cultural, Or Historical Vacation?

Zanzibar is the best destination in Tanzania for cultural, exploratory, historical, and eco-tourism experiences. It is located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of Tanzania. It appears to have everything a tourist with similar interests could want. It has an interesting ethnic background due to the large number of tourists who have passed through it over the centuries. Persians, Indians, Europeans, Arabs, and even a few Chinese have all left their imprints on the city’s architecture, adding to its enchantment. Many empires rose and fell, leaving behind ruins and other relics, but the blood of the average Zanzibarer bears their imprint.

Zanzibar is unlike any other African seaside destination in every way, from semantics to cuisine, spices and fruit, furniture types, fabrics, the beautiful hand-made artifacts and jewellery available in their duka shops, and, of course, the natural beauty that distinguishes it. Zanzibar conjures up images of beautiful waters with white sands, the sea, and lush tropical vegetation that casts a spell of beauty and tranquility.

The vibrant marine life beneath the ocean’s surface, as well as the natural beauty of the Forest Reserve, which is home to red colobus monkeys and other animals, may be more appealing. You can immerse yourself in the wonder and serenity of Zanzibar and the rest of the awe-inspiring archipelago with African Mecca.

Before You Leave, Ensure you have Adequate Travel Insurance

Accidents happen even in a beautiful place like Zanzibar, so Zanzibar Holidays Darling recommend getting good travel insurance before you leave. Missed flights, misplaced luggage, stolen travel equipment, on-board mishaps, etcetera are all possibilities. These are merely a few examples of mishaps that could occur to anyone. It is always a good idea to have adequate travel insurance for peace of mind and to be covered if any of these mishaps occur or if you require medical attention while traveling. It is important to keep in mind that Zanzibar is a small island with limited resources. In the event of a major accident, you will need expensive medical treatment.