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Wonderful Holiday Destinations specialises in Zanzibar Holiday Tours and Safaris is a well established tourism company situated in the heart of Stone Town. We specialise in creating adventures and experiences that will have you leaving with unforgettable memories.

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"Traveling to Zanzibar was so wonderful. My husband traveled to Zanzibar and it was amazing. The local people are so wonderful and the beaches are nice and peaceful. The tours and safaris were good value for money and well organised. We really enjoyed our trip and we will keep coming back.

Mary, Uganda

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Zanzibar Holidays Melkbosstrand combines mystical romance and sensory delights. In Zanzibar’s melting pot world, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa have all found a home on Tanzania’s coast.

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Zanzibar’s allure has enchanted luxury seekers, explorers, and itinerant travellers for years. The beaches are a haven for well-heeled romantics and nomads who fantasize about finishing their day with a sunset dhow cruise or a beachside cocktail. During your Zanzibar vacation, go diving, kitesurfing, or deep-sea fishing for the perfect catch. People who enjoy food will appreciate Zanzibar’s local markets and spice fields, while history buffs will appreciate strolling through Stone Town’s cobblestone streets.

A vacation to Zanzibar, Tanzania, will provide you with beach days, underwater explorations, and the lingering flavors of a diverse blended community. To begin planning your trip, look into Zanzibar’s all-inclusive vacation packages. Keep an eye out for great Zanzibar vacation packages on our Zanzibar Special Offers page!

Is It Safe To Visit Zanzibar?

Yes, going to Zanzibar Holidays Melkbosstrand is completely risk-free. For female solo travellers, this is one of the most secure African destinations. The Zanzibar Archipelago is located in Tanzania, one of the most prosperous African countries. In fact, Tanzania is the most peaceful country in East Africa.

The residents are usually laid-back and friendly. Because of its beautiful beaches, pleasant weather, and diverse culture, Zanzibar is a popular tourist destination. As a result, it has all of the tourist amenities that are required for a happy and relaxing vacation. Many foreign visitors enjoy their visit so much that they return again and again.

Criminals looking to make a quick buck by stealing the belongings of tourists see them as an easy target. Despite the fact that Tanzania is not as dangerous as some other African countries, you should be vigilant and take precautionary measures to protect yourself and your belongings in the same way that you would in any other country. Only Maasai hawkers who force their wares on you will irritate you in Zanzibar. When dealing with pushy salespeople, the only way to deal with them is to politely decline and ignore them. Please notify your lodge or tour company if you are threatened so that they can assist you.

Top Ten Reasons To Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar Provides Educational Cultural And Historical Experiences

As part of your cultural tour, you will walk through its narrow alleyways. The events of this ancient metropolis have been meticulously preserved. The Catholic and Anglican churches are historical relics, as are the Sultan’s palaces, mosques, canons, and old fort.

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As evidenced by the latticed windows and carved doors, Zanzibar has preserved many of nature’s wonders while maintaining a still, laid-back pace of life. Senior citizens can still be seen sipping coffee in the suburb square, while children happily play in the alleys and gardens. The lanes that lead through the market are lined with houses made of coral limestone with peeling plaster and lichens.

It is  easy to see why it was once a shopper’s paradise. It is possible to find exquisitely crafted objects, the sea, fresh seafood, organic fruit picked from a nearby farm, traditional clothing, and much more. You can take a day trip from Zanzibar to Stone Town with Wonderful Holiday Destinations and immerse yourself in a bygone era.

Dolphins And Turtles Are Two Different Kinds Of Sea Creatures

Dolphin sightings are common along the East Coast of Zanzibar. A short boat ride from the village will take you out to sea to see schools of bottle-nosed or humpback dolphins. It is  a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to see these wild dolphins in Zanzibar’s crystal clear waters. Kizimkazi is also home to the Miza Miza Caves and East Africa’s oldest mosque.

Turtle conservation is the focus of the Mnarani Natural Aquarium in Zanzibar, on the island’s Northern tip. The aquarium, which is built around a natural tidal pool, provides care for injured Hawksbill and Green turtles as well as their young. It is a community conservation project aimed at raising awareness among locals and fishermen about the importance of saving these sea creatures.

The prison for escaped slaves is about 5.6 kilometers off the coast of Stone Town.

The critically endangered Aldabra giant tortoise has found a new home. Poachers are actively threatening these critically endangered giant tortoises, according to the IUCN Red List.

The population has grown since the Tanzanian government provided the first four tortoises in 1919.

Fresh seafood is also available at local markets and restaurants, making for a memorable meal. Fresh fish cooked on the beach over an open fire to Lobster Thermidor spiced and served with traditional flavors and twists are just a few ways to enjoy these culinary delights. On a regular basis, the variety will arouse and tantalize your taste buds.

Travel Facts About Zanzibar

Zanzibar Holidays Melkbosstrand vacations are a quick and easy escape from Johannesburg, as it is only a four-hour flight away. Zanzibar is best visited between the months of June and October, as well as between the months of December and February. Due to heavy rains, Zanzibar should be avoided between March and May. Beautiful beaches, warm swimming seas, unrivaled diving, an intriguing past, and an exotic culture are all part of a Zanzibar vacation. Zanzibar’s mystical romance would captivate couples and honeymooners. Zanzibar welcomes visitors of all ages, including families with teenagers and groups of friends.