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Wonderful Holiday Destinations specialises in Zanzibar Holiday Tours and Safaris is a well established tourism company situated in the heart of Stone Town. We specialise in creating adventures and experiences that will have you leaving with unforgettable memories.

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"Traveling to Zanzibar was so wonderful. My husband traveled to Zanzibar and it was amazing. The local people are so wonderful and the beaches are nice and peaceful. The tours and safaris were good value for money and well organised. We really enjoyed our trip and we will keep coming back.

Mary, Uganda

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Zanzibar Holidays Musina… The mere mention of this name conjures up images of a tropical paradise. I imagine glistening azure waters, soft sands, and white beaches when I think of the Caribbean. The Zanzibar Archipelago, on the other hand, is much more than romantic coastlines and idyllic sunsets. A diverse range of tastes, smells, sights, and experiences are available to nourish your spirit, revitalize your body, and reawaken your imagination.

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Without a doubt, Zanzibar Holidays Musina is a fantastic beach resort. It is the perfect place to escape from it all. It does, however, have a fascinating history and a diverse range of cultures, in addition to being the world’s best adventure and ecotourism destination.

Here Are Some Reasons To Visit Zanzibar

Zanzibar Holidays Musina has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world

Zanzibar is known for its beautiful beaches, warm waters, and pleasant weather. It is a popular diving and snorkeling destination due to its marine life, coral reefs, and warm waters. Zanzibar is hard to beat for lazy days on white, crisp sand beaches. In addition to being a fantastic beach destination, Zanzibar offers a diverse range of activities for culture vultures, nature lovers, and explorers.

Zanzibar Holidays Musina Has A Distinct Culture, Tradition, And Architecture

The Zanzibar Community Is Unusual

Zanzibar is a small, undeveloped island off the coast of Tanzania with semi-autonomous status. The strong persian, European, Indian, African, and Arabic influences reflect the country’s colorful history and rich heritage. As a result of its unique history, Zanzibar takes on a new dimension. You will notice a fascinating mix of architectural styles as you tour the mosques and buildings.

Zanzibar’s Culture

The Old Turkish Baths, the House of Wonders, the shops, market stalls, and bazaars all stimulate the senses and tell the story of a long and turbulent past. The way of life of the locals, as well as the nature of everything from furniture and cloth to jewelry and crafts, demonstrates that Zanzibar is primarily Islamic. This is where you will find the well-known carved teak Zanzibar gate. Taarab, a local music style that combines percussion, Swahili poetry, and rhythms with Middle Eastern, African, Indian, and Western influences, is taught at the Dhow Countries Music Academy.

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Luxury experiences are provided by a one-of-a-kind boutique beach resort. On Zanzibar’s archipelago, you can choose from a variety of one-of-a-kind, distinctly luxurious options. If you want to go on a beach vacation, Tanzania is the place to go. If you stay at one of these hotels, you will be surrounded by the stunning scenery of the Indian Ocean’s turquoise seas, powdery-snow white beaches, fascinating avain, and verdant tropical plants, marine fauna, and mammalian life.

Divers, snorkelers, and swimmers can all enjoy the warm, clear waters. Exquisitely designed rooms, opulent living areas, delectable cuisine prepared to your specifications, discreet service, and a plethora of amenities including an infinity pool, patio gardens, library, elegant spa, private plunge pool, and more. This distinguishes your stay at The Residence, Baraza Resort and Spa, The Palms, Matemwe Retreat, Kilindi, Mnemba Lodge, and other properties.

Make a reservation for one of our hotel’s many coastal and marine activities, and you will be pampered and comforted to the hilt. All amenities, facilities, fine wines, and gourmet foods are included, and they will cast an enticing spell around you.

Is Zanzibar Safe? : Safety Recommendations

You should keep all of your valuables at home

Zanzibar’s residents are impoverished, and foreign visitors who can afford to visit are thought to be much wealthier than the locals. Keep valuables such as jewelry and watches in the hotel’s safety deposit box as you would anywhere else. Late-night walks along Zanzibar Beach or through deserted streets alone are not advised.

Local customs and practices must be observed and respected

Residents of Zanzibar dress conservatively because they live in a predominantly Islamic country. We recommend that you dress modestly while on vacation in Zanzibar, especially when visiting remote areas. Short skirts and slax should be avoided; instead, females should wear knee-length or ankle-length skirts. Displays of affection in public are frowned upon.

Religious Organizations

Take extra precautions when visiting religious institutions. On Fridays, avoid crowded areas and religious demonstrations, particularly in and around Stone Town.

Zanzibar Travel Tips

Because your options are limited outside of hotels and resorts, consider booking an all-inclusive Zanzibar Holiday package Musina that includes meals and beverages. Spend your vacation in Zanzibar on the North Coast for moderate tides; on the East Coast, you will have access to some of the most beautiful beaches, but swimming or snorkeling may have to be replaced by a walk due to the tides.

Spend a night or two in Stone Town, immersing yourself in the culture and watching the sunset from a rooftop bar. If you want to take a walking tour of Stone Town, wear comfortable shoes. Check with your travel clinic about vaccines and malaria medication before going on vacation to Zanzibar. Bring insect repellent, close windows at night, cover up after dark, and sleep under mosquito nets to keep mosquitoes at bay.

Wear sunscreen and a hat on hot days, and a light jersey on cool nights. Bring your own mask and snorkel if you want to go snorkeling instead of relying on the ones provided by your resort. Tipping is appreciated but not required in Zanzibar; bring small bills in small denominations to tip guides, waiters, porters, and housekeepers. Nungwi’s private beaches in the North have less of an impact on the tidal range, making it ideal for a less crowded Zanzibar vacation.